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 The cartoons are drawn on computer or they are scanned pen/ink drawings, a few in color. They deal with the traditional subject of political cartooning: folly. Their premise is that our life support system is under threat from pollution, over- population & nuclear warheads (& other militarism), that our cultural beliefs perpetuate the crisis and that a significant obstacle to a serious examination of these beliefs is the class of people, maybe the top 1% or less  in terms of wealth, whose main preoccupation is preserving & expanding their privilege. Their ownership of the media and disproportionate influence on (ownership) of congress, the executive and other institutional life seriously narrows the debate necessary to come to consensus on critical issues.

 This applies more or less to other nations as well, increasingly so with "globalization", which of course is designed for just that purpose.

The U.S. probably must lead on reversing this for, as it now stands, any other nation attempting to take a contrary direction will be demonized & ruthlessly attacked. The effectiveness of the propaganda system (which claims to not exist) is such that most U.S. citizens reading this would probably consider it extreme.

Another difficulty that comes to mind is the growth of fundamentalist religious movements both in the U.S. and elsewhere. Their authoritarian, anti-rationalist, ego-driven values do not encourage optimism

  We, citizens of the planet all - our beliefs, our culture and our behavior - perpetuate the drift toward catastrophe. A mindshift is detectable glowing on the distant horizon and we might find hope there, if not for our species at least for ourselves