back four Tom Mox strips here: Tom Mox  © 2008 Tom Ferguson  The DOE (Dept. of Energy) and NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Agency)
seem to be of one wrong head when it comes to promoting nuclear projects. MOX is a project that would extract plutonium
for use as fuel in nuclear reactors. This is a very dirty process, creating highly toxic liquid waste. The alternative promoted
by the sane community is to Immobilize the "excess" Pu, surrounding it with already existing toxic waste in a glassified form.
This would isolate the Pu, making it extremely difficult to get at it, which of course we want since you need Pu to build nuclear
devices. But NO! they'd prefer to create a Pu economy, having the stuff floating all over the place. This is called "denial" in
alcoholic circles where I think they know of what they speak. Anyway, I did these drawings as part of the campaign to expose yet
another project from Dr. Strangelove.
tom m no. 1

tom mox 2
t m 3
t m 4