back    next    Labor drawings © 1987 Tom Ferguson   5 pages here: For a period in the 80s I did drawings for labor organizers in Atlanta
and when my main contact, Janet Kaufman, moved to other cities she would call me and tell me what she needed, i'd draw it up and send it. Sometimes they were fighting management's resistence to unions (abetted by Reagan etc; appointing anti-labor people to the dept. of labor). Sometimes they were competing with other labor unions trying to organize the same workers. Reagan marked the moment Management had awaited and planned for since acquiescing to unions in the early part of the 20th century. Their first coopting move was to deal only with the "moderate" leaders who thus wouldn't interfere with their greater plans. George Meany, AFL-CIO head, had investments in Haiti i'm told (Chomsky) while supporting U.S. anti-union activity there. Keep'em happy, keep'em supporting our little wars, pay off the cooperative
leaders etc; and when the iron is hot (Reagan), destroy'em! The way ego is equally distributed across class/race/gender - well, maybe not gender, there wasn't much chance of real union among the unions.
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