Humor Cartoons
Tom Ferguson
No Dogs, No Birds...
 Rail Road Crossing
 In the Middle of a Shave
Carbon Dioxide
Music, Music, Music
Dog Song
Doors & Windows
 At Swim
 Samuel Clemons Quote
 Totem Pole
Drug of Choice
 The Latest Thing
 Under the Hood
 If I Had a...
 Mirror, Mirror...
Smoking or Non?  Annoyed  Bar Scene
Local Icon The Family Doc Sound Advice
To Bowl or not to Bowl Sticky Issue The Hitchhiker
Strange Bench End is Nigh Disrepair
 Judge Naught  Eight Ball  How Long?
Kitchen Duty Decision, decisions No Mosquitos
Ship of State CO2 Mr. Erikson
Talkin Trash Game Preserves Sailor's Warning
Henceforth No Entry  The Line-up
The Vegetarian Moon Man Moth Ball
Pacing Existential Another Craze Femi-nazi
Post-Stress Bas-a-ball A Great Buy
Watermelon Eloquence Benchmark The Demonstration
Chest Protection Lunch Crowd Phallus Everywhere
Rearview Mirror Haircut Applause Grave Mood
Nice Campus and proud A+

main contents 

At some infrequent intervals I have attempted to generate humor cartoons, for fun, yes, and to address that pernicious and annoying, periodic need for MONEY! The latter motivation has rarely been served. Some were aimed at the New Yorker and Saturday Review and actually mailed in batches. Two or three came close to making it into SR, or so the editors claimed. My business sense has never been keen enough to negotiate the obstacles to earning a living in this, or any other, domain in the arts. I created 35 segments of a daily strip and shopped it to several of the syndicates, without luck (see main contents or Hinson & Haze). I've searched my files and add as many as I could find. They're listed here in all their varying qualities.