Single Panel Political Cartoons
Tom Ferguson
(from The Same Boat, <next> will walk you through all)
 The Same Boat-->
 Taxpayers at Work
 Forest for the Trees
 Right Shift
 Missed One
 Patriarchal Pipe Dream
 New Access to Minerals
 Wing Clipping
 Florida Dike Boy
The Bottle Bill 
 Paley Commission
Dr. Frankenstein
A Terrorist!
Mr. Free Market Hisself
 Gun Safety
 Power Nukes
Suitcase Defense
 Central Am. Clients
 What's Next?
 Death Con
 It's Oil
 Them That's Got
 Rough Language
 Measure of All Things
 Grid Lock
 Stay the course
 Pork Pig
Private Water II.
 Nuke Crazy
 No Child Left Behind
 I Can Fly
 Over to the Short Term
 Tough Love (razer sharp)
 The Radical
 We've Got the Power
 New Clothes
 War Materials
Confirmation Process
 The Girl Market
 FBI Flasher
The Great Court
 New Wave Weapons
 The Business Climate
  Biological Irrelevance
 Behind the Drapes
Energy Visionaries
Pecking Order  Any Army 
 Guns Don't Kill
 Rocky Flats Song/Tour
Central America Ronnie Forever Economic Analysis
Authority Wives More Nukes
American A Little Air Here The Enemy
To the Cleaners Defense Theory Total Hostage
No! Flag Cover Lesson I.
Puppet Master PLO Dueling Duelers
No No Smoking Fork Road Proof Positive
Sam the Barber Rub a Dub Dub Court the Great
Firm Indecision National Security Tall in the Saddle
Dead Eye Dan Open Meetings Nursing Home
Republicrat The Last Tree Crude & Lewd
Protecting the Family Human Rights Arms Talks
Oliver North, Hero NRA Bobby
The Little Guy R(eagan) Incarnate Scratch  Plan A.
McDonald's Farm Middleman Genral
Bayonet Practice Fred's Drawing Sand Castle
Buy American Incinerator Solution Japarm
Poo Poo Infrastructure Reagan Country
Done do'n'allow The Great American Saddle Sore
Armaments United We Stand Crap Fan
Voter Green Nukes  Resue Option
The Real Deal
The Judge Fair Deal
The Good Capitalist Forward! Xray Proliferation
Protection More Protection Mount Sam's
Evolution Today Weights & Measures El Generalissimo
Stretching It Connected

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