back    next   Firm Indecision & Headcovers  © 1974 Tom Ferguson    The top cartoon here won first place in a
political cartoon contest at NMU. My entry, when returned, I noticed was marked "alumni". It was clear to me that
Sax, a Minneapolis cartoonist, had the medium down, in the style of Oliphant. My alumni status got me the prize tho.
My friend Pete's father used to always say, "shit & corruption!" Well, one could argue mine is more original... but why
mark it "alumni"?   The Headcover drawing reflects the minimal kind of post-watergate inquiry into CIA etc; shenanigans,
half-hearted and with repurcusions. I think most of the serious, or semi-serious inquirers were quite soon defeated in
their re-election campaigns. Frank Church, Pike.... almost a conspiracy here. Who is and who isn't the "bad guy" got a
little exposure but soon, business as usual.

no decide

head covers

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