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RockyRocky Flats in Colorado, a cold-war nuclear facility, has been "cleaned up" and turned into a nature preserve. Since actually "cleaning up" radioactive waste is so difficult and expensive, the Department of Energy (DOE), endlessly resourceful, reduces cost by changing the numbers. They once mounted an effort to reclassify certain radioactive waste as BRC, Below Regulatory Concern. Such waste could be dumped at the local junk yard, be recycled and end up in an unpredictable array of consumer products, such as children's toys. This is seamlessly compatible with the Bush administration's apparent belief that public relations (PR) is more important than reality. Maybe they are new-agers who accept the notion, propagated in the film, What the Bleep(!), that perception shapes reality. Another cartoon below on the same subject. I did these for an environmental group out there.

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