back    back  Bow-wow-ers  © 1989 Tom Ferguson    These three are part of that GA focus. Bowers had a reputation for awhile
(Attorney General, GA),  as a straight shooter but then he wrote an article blaming broken homes for Ga crime & relaized he was
just another right winger. I wrote him a letter saying that a nation that kills four million people (Vietnam) is rather violent
and should expect a little consequence. He  once prosecuted & imprisoned a man who innocently admitted under oath that he had
oral sex with his wife. Later, after a scandal involving his secretary and a messy divorce, Creative Loafing
asked him if he'd ever broken Ga's sodomy laws. That was funny. He of course didn't appreciate the joke.


Laundry © 1980 Tom Ferguson
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Open Meeting Law © 1989 Tom Ferguson
open meetings

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