back   next    The Cucumber Factor  © 2000 Tom Ferguson  (there are two on this page, 3 pages) In my strip, Hinson & Haze,
the characters, who hitch hike around, catch a ride with a guy who claims to be president of a Ban-the-Cucumber League.
It's a little slam of rigid dogma but I expanded the idea after talking with Paul Hudson, husband of my gallery rep Debbie
Hudson (Sandler Hudson Gallery) and he encouraged me to pursue it. So Imade up these computer 'paintings' as visuals
for a website that would be mock HQ for the Ban-the-Cucumber League. It would be tongue-in-cheek but also merchandise
items like t-shirts.... many possibilities. It was just an idea that didn't really have holding power for either of us
but these are those 'paintings'.
cuc 2
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