back   next    Nuke Toons © 2000 Tom Ferguson   Four drawings here. The first describes the relationship between the NRC/DOE/Industry trio. Then, two solutions for plutonium disposal were (are) floating around and naturally the Department of Energy looked to the one that promised the most damage to the life system. It's instinctive I guess. Mox would burn Pu in reactors - not ALL would be burned so there would still be a disposal problem and the process is very dirty to arrive at this "solution". Immobilization would treat Pu NOT as a commodity to be out on the highways and by-ways of commerce where proliferation is more likely (Pu makes really neat terrorist devices). Rather it would mix Pu with highly radiactive waste in glass "logs" and then go into storage for it's loooooooooooong life. Well, it exists, we have to deal with it but only an insane reasoning would  continue to produce more. The third drawing is a little rough on the pro-nukers but when you think of what they're doing can you be too rough of them? It also aligns loan guarantees with the more pejorative term Bail Out. The fourth tries to show the nuclear weapons/industry for what it is.

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