back   next   Sock-Hop for Gane poster © 1987 Tom Ferguson  The poster advertised a fund-raising party for the opponents of
nuclear power, Georgians Against Nuclear Energy. A noble effort. Maybe we slowed'em down, reduced the level of destruction.
Chernobyl had re-energized the movement,... people were worried, rightfully, but those who stand to profit and/or who are soothed
by the river of denial are usually listened to while the opponents are dismissed. Actually the anti-nuke movement did very well
for itself, essentially stopping new construction until the Bush administration of 2000 came onto the scene and who never saw a
destructive energy source that didn't give them warm feelings of superiority.  The second poster, below, promotes a fundraiser for
the group Arts Pluribus Unum whose DADA antics broadsided many an establishment event.

cake poster
arts unum

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